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Chef's and Vintners 2003
Vintner Dinner Guests

Four Chairmen and Mary Csar
Chef Joe Colleto

Oliver Saucy of Darrel & Oliver's Cafe Maxx was cookin' up excitement while Jed Steele supplied the wines at the Mohaupt's beautiful historic home.
Chef Alice Weingarten of Alice's at the La Te Da brought Key West flair to her dinner at the Brown residence.

Volunteers Hard at Work
Bocanalia Restaurant - Maggianos

Auctioneer Dave Reynolds
Hiro Sone and Lissa Doumani created Napa Valley magic at the Dickenson's dinner... and then Hiro went off to NYC to pick up a James Beard Award as top Northern California Chef!

Chef Cesare Giaccone flew to Boca Raton from Alba, Italy to bring his distinctive style to Boca Bacchanal, with Vietti matching wines at the Campbell residence.
Chef Jody Adams, of Rialto restaurant in Boston, created fabulous dinner, escorted by Chalone wines, at the Loof house, which overlooks the ocean.

John Besh of New Orlean's Restaurant August was a culinary sensation along with winemaker Maison Louis Jadot at the Hood lovely historic home.
At Christine Lynn's magnificent waterfront home and gardens. Chef Allen Susser, The Mango King, ruled over the "Wines of Australia" Vintner dinner along with vintner Nick Withers.







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