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Program, Speakers and Live Auction
Grand Tasting
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Auction House

Michaela Rodeno, John Gay & Carmen Gonzalez

Miles Angelo & John Lewis

Wine Server

Carmen Gonzalez signing

Miles Angelo signing

Johnny Vinczencz signing

Louis Osteen, James Reaux & Jean Spielman

John Gay signing

Michaela Rodeno signing

Warren Winiarski signing

James Reaux & Marcela Hazan

Room Shot

Carla Marsh & Marcela Hazan

Chef Stations

Chef Stations

Fulvio Siccardi & Gillian Adler

Champagne Pouring

Mr. and Mrs. Snow & Mr. and Mrs. Orlando

John Lewis, Tiyrana Costamaana, Jennifer Atinn-Weiss & Michael Weiss

Julie Snow, Miles Angelo, Brenda Cote & Debby Curtis

Martin Bradshaw, Guy La Ferrera, Mary & Charles Shane, Cathy & Sam Horn

John & Tricia Summersfield, Robin & Charles Deyo

Rick & Patty Morrison, Denise Andrade & Richard Gold

Charlie Rutherford, Steve & Peggy Ruzika & Troy McClellen

Troy & Pam McClellen, Maria Elania & Tom Milana

Marlene & Louis Osteen

Mike & Sarge Branigan, Nancy & Duran Brown & Irene & Paul Zalesky

Tim Snow & Tom Milana

Susan & Jerry Wolf

John Gay, Gary Hamacher, Saby Diaz,Marti & Tom White

JC Perrin, Kathryn Gillespie & Tim Snow

Peter Page & Mary Csar

John & Dottie Cahorshak, Jennifer & Doug Zeif

Luis Mago, Marcela Hazan & Joseph Pores

Room Shots

Bob & Lauri Saunders, Mary Jane Evans & Chris Kearney

Tom Caporaso, Catherine Harnish, Stacy Guerra & Steve Close

Nicole Biscuiti & Stella Pores

Mike Aiello, Rozanna Trinka, Tom Milana & Stella Pores

Nicole Biscuiti, Tom Milana & Cathy Biscuiti

Daniel Mann, JJ Pergant & Clive Taylor

Luis Mago, Jay Whelchel, Melissa Dee & Joseph Pores

Victor Hazen, Marcela Hazan & Warren Winiarski

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Program, Speakers and Live Auction

Chef James Reaux

Marcella Hazan, James Reaux and Kathryn Gillespie

Warren Winiarski

Kathryn Gillespie & Warren Winiarski

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Grand Tasting at Mizner Park

Boca Bacchanal Committee Members

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Vintner Dinner - Orlando House

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Vintner Dinner- Temple House

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Chef and Vintner Pre-Event- Legal Sea Foods

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Vintner Dinner Pairing Party

Peggy Ruzika, Asa Lööf and Mary Jane Evans

Rich Vellante Celebrity Chef

Tom Dieters, Warren Orlando, Tim Snow, Val Dieters, Orrine Orlando

Mike and Cathy Arts with Sylvia & Wenford Hood

Val & Tom Dieters, David & Marcella Robert

Patti Carpenter, Madelyn Savarick, Countess Henrietta de Hoernle

Peggy & Steve Ruzika, Michele & Rick Rochon

Robert Sheetz, Jan Magner

Marta Batmasian and Suzanne Klein

Chris Kearney with Lou Bachrodt

Carla Marsh, Ann Rutherford,Pattie Damron

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Boca Bacchanal

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Boca Bacchanal Weekend Events

Auction Bidding

Jim Dodge and Ken Vedrinski

Vintners Toast

Chairs with Marzella Hazan

Dave Reynolds with Warren Winiarski

Chris Kearney and Kathryn Gillespie with Warren Winiarski

W. Reed Foster of Ravenswood with Michella Rodeno of St. Supery at the Chefs and Vintners dinner at Legal Sea Foods on March 17

Edgar Leal of Cacao Restaurant in Coral Gables with Michael Weiss, Chairman of Wine Education at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY

The Chefs

Nancy Oaks of Boulevard, Warren Winiarski and Jim Dodge

Vinters and Chefs


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Pre Event - Learn How to Bid

Bernard and Sylvie Godin with Ann and Charles Rutherford

May Jane Evans, Louise Cammorato, Kae Jonsons and Kathryn Gillespie

Rich and Michele Rochon with Peggy and Steve Ruzika

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Pre Event - Taste Bud Tune Up

Chris Kearney of National Distributing with Mary Csar of BRHS

George Petrocelli, Kae Jonsons, Chef James Reaux, Jonathan Bleiberg

Mary Csar and Peter Page

Sylvia and Wenford Hood

Tim, Mary, Peter, Kathryn & Chris

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