Accepting his first position as Chef at Daniel Boulud’s new Café Boulud in Palm Beach, Zach Bell has returned home to Florida, where he made his culinary start. Zach first joined the Chef at New York’s Café Boulud in January 1999, soon after the restaurant’s opening. “For four years Zach has been a great asset to us and has more than demonstrated the maturity, depth of culinary knowledge, organizational skills, and above all, great palate that will serve him well in this new challenge,” explains Daniel Boulud. At Valencia College, Zach began to study physical therapy, but again found himself drawn to the kitchen. He worked as a cook for the Orlando Marriott, gradually moving up within the hierarchy. With one year remaining in school, Zach transferred to the culinary program at Johnson & Wales where he finished his senior year. A kitchen externship led him to the William’s Island Yacht Club, introducing the young cook to Chef Charles Saunders' California style cuisine and giving him experience stoking the flames of a wood burning grill. While still a student, Zach joined chefs Marc Poidevin and Sascha Lyon at Miami’s Biz Bistro, where he remained well after graduation. These first steps in a French kitchen established the direction for his future. Zach had been at Biz Bistro for barely two years when Chef Poidevin invited him to follow the team to Le Cirque 2000 in New York. Without hesitation Zach settled in an East Village apartment, barely ten days later. Clearly it was well aimed, as after only two months in New York, Le Cirque Chef Sottha Khun promoted Zach from the banquet kitchen to chef de partie tournant, and later to saucier.

At Le Cirque, Zach worked alongside then sous chef Andrew Carmellini went on to open Café Boulud with Daniel Boulud in October 1998. Just three months later Zach followed. He joined Andrew as saucier and became Café Boulud’s sous chef within the same year.

“Zach is an energetic and talented young chef who has absorbed the best of what French technique has to offer,” says Daniel Boulud. “I remember the first meal he cooked for me years ago in Miami and was convinced of his passion from that moment.” Zach and Daniel continue to collaborate on the Café’s Palm Beach menu, drawing upon the favorites they crafted together with Chef Andrew Carmellini in New York.






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