Export Director for Maison Louis Jadot

Marc Dupin grew up in the Paris area close to Versailles and rather far from vines.

During his business degree his first contact with wines was in the mid 80s. Pursuing his interests for languages, sales and export markets, he worked as export director in the wine business before joining Maison Louis Jadot in 1992 where he supervises sales in approximately 53 countries as their Export Director.

From the start, Maison Louis Jadot has always accorded equal importance to each of Burgundy's appellations, from Grand Crus right through to regional wines. Their aim is to express the true nature of Burgundy through their wines, a terroir that can be both proud of its past and optimistic about its future.

All the wines made under the Maison Louis Jadot label are Appellation Contrôlée wines from across the region. The vineyards of Maison Louis Jadot are now scattered across 154 hectares of Burgundy, from the Côte d'Or to the Mâconnais and down into Beaujolais. Thanks to the quality of their wines they have forged strong links, both in France and around the world, with sommeliers, restaurateurs, wine merchants, importers, agents and wine lovers.



Juliette LARDIERE-BUTTERFIELD has joined Maison Louis Jadot as an oenologist to work closely with her father, Jacques Lardière, with the objective to succeed him when he eventually decides to retire.

Born in Burgundy in 1978. She grew up amongst the vines, and learned to love wine under the tutelage of her father, renowned Jadot winemaker Jacques LARDIÈRE.

After a degree in biology, and a masters degree in neurosciences at Lyon University, she worked in the Louis Jadot winery during the 2001 vintage and then spent three months in New Zealand for the 2002 vintage, learning about other grape varieties and winemaking techniques. Now even more fascinated by wine flavour and aroma, she returned to France to tackle further post-graduate study, on cognitive aspects of olfaction. Her particular area of interest was the development of the olfactory system, and how the decoding of an olfactory stimulus in the brain involves links with other areas of brain function, including memory and emotion. ‘Tasting great wine teaches us that our sense of smell is immensely complex and directly connected with memory, emotions and even beyond,’ she says.

Encouraged by Maison Louis Jadot’s president, Pierre-Henry GAGEY, Juliette decided to join the company, and to that end spent two years studying oenology at Dijon to broaden her understanding of viticulture and vinification. She is working as an oenologist alongside her father and Christine Botton, who has worked with Jacques for 20 years.

Juliette is married to a Canadian. They have two children, a girl and a boy.






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