Cesare Giaconne

The heart of Piemontese cuisine is the "earth to table" simplicity of its rustic, full-bodied food; spit-turned, grilled meats, homemade pasta and the freshest regional vegetables all complemeted with the wines famous to the area, which some consider to be the best in Italy and among the best in the world: Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera. Every year, thousands of cognocenti descend upon the Piemonte region of Italy, which is located near Turin in the Northwest corner of the country, to eat, cook, sell and buy the exotic and deeply flavorful white truffles which grow there, perfuming the local restaurants in the Fall with their musky, inticing aroma. And if the visitors are lucky, they dine at Ristorante dei Cacciatori, located in the Piemonte hills.

Chef Cesare Giaccone is the dean of traditional Piemontese cusine, and chef/owner of Ristorante die Cacciatori. Nestled in the hilltop town of Albaretto della Torre, near Alba, in the hear of the Piemonte, it was namned by Patricia Wells, the respected restaurant writer in the International Herald Tribune as one of the ten finest restaurants in the world. In 1996, Irene Virabilia of the Los Angeles Times called Cesare the world's finest Italian chef. For wine lovers, the most remarkable recommendation came in 200o, when noted wine authority Robert M. Parker, Jr. included Cesare in his list of the year's 10 Most Memorable Meals, stating if he had to choose one plate on planet earth, it would be one of Cesare's. In short, there is no better way to savor the flavors of Northern Italy than to sip a great wine from the Piemonte regaion as you enjoy a meal prepared by Chef Cesare.






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