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Mrs. Lourdes Martínez is one of the 4th Generation members of the Martínez Family, Grupo Faustino wineries´ owners. She works at the company since her early years and she has been learning for running the family business since she was very young.

She was born in Oyón, on the 31rd of December 1966. She studied a Degree in Computing at the Deusto University in Bilbao (Spain). After that she did a MBA at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and a Master on Finances at the Deusto University in Bilbao.

After she completed her studies she began to work at Bodegas Faustino Martínez, SA as Assistant to the Management Directorship. In 1992 is the Financial Chief Executive of Bodegas Faustino Martínez, SA and is one of the Member of the Managing Committee and Manager Director for the same company.

Since 1999 is the Managing Director of the Faustino Group.

She also is, from January 2005, Manager Director for FCC SA and member of the Strategical Commiteee for the same company.

She is married and has got two daughters.






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