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Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Aldo Rafanelli first began his career in wine as a vineyard consultant during the early 70's, in what was later dubbed the "Revolution" of Tuscan wine making. Piero Antinori was among the first of leading wine producers as they replanted their vineyards with modern and innovative techniques, utilizing new clones and varietals. A hobbyist wine and extra virgin olive oil maker, Aldo married a New Yorker, and the happy couple relocated to the U.S. Aldo started a new venture, selling Italian wines of high image and quality. Since 1987 in charge of the sale of Antinori for the U.S.A. and from 1993 for North America, Aldo travels extensively across the continent, always in search of a better place to eat. A fanatic outdoorsman, Aldo loves fishing, hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing and camping (whenever possible). When indoors, his passion is cooking (possibly something that he hunted, fished or gathered himself). It’s not uncommon for his phone to ring, with friends and colleagues from all over calling to consult him on recipes for pasta and Tuscan cooking. Although he and his family (wife and two boys) are avid skiers, he never feels more at home than in a vineyard climate blessed with sun and warmth.






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