Piero Premoli

Executive Chef of Pricci

Chef Piero Premoli joined Buckhead Life Restaurant Group in 2001 as a corporate consultant, working with the company's Italian and Greek concepts. A native of Milan, Italy, Piero has been surrounded by fine food his entire life. His passion and attention to detail have made great contributions to each restaurant where he has worked.

Piero's mother and grandfather worked in the restaurant business, allowing him to learn every aspect of the business at an early age. He says cooking was a family affair. At age 14, Piero began formally training for his career by becoming a student at Amerigo Vespucci Culinary School. He then attended Ecole Hotelier, a university in Lozan where he studied hotel and restaurant management.

After earning his degree, Piero worked as an apprentice in Italy and France, most notably at Tempiadoro in Milan, La Voile Roug in St. Tropez and l'Assemblee Nationale in Paris. At these restaurants, he practiced the basics of Italian and French cooking which continues to influence his simple yet innovative style.

A sense of adventure led Piero to Miami, Florida where he began working as sous chef with Master Chef Antonio Tettamanzi at Osteria del Teatro, Miami's leading Italian restaurant. He also worked as a chef at various other French and Italian restaurants before accepting a new challenge the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The excitement of that position led him to New York City where he accepted a position at a Fiorello's – a New York mainstay located across from the Metropolitan Opera House and Lincoln Center. Before moving to Atlanta, he also worked at the award-winning restaurant, Baleen, at the Grove Isle Resort in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Upon his arrival in Atlanta, Piero met restaurateur Pano Karatassos and accepted a position as corporate consultant with the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. In this role, Piero worked closely with the chef teams at Kyma, Pricci and Veni Vidi Vici.

Chef Piero took the helm in the kitchen at Pricci in May 2005. Known for his tireless work ethic and contagious passion for food, Piero's emphasis on technique and cleanliness in the kitchen result in simple and flavorful Italian cuisine. He takes great pride in supporting the development of young chefs and has created a fledgling exchange program between Italian kitchens and Buckhead Life kitchens.

Regular visits to Italy allow Chef Piero to keep up-to-date on Italian culinary trends and to develop, and maintain, relationships with trusted suppliers. He also uses these trips to uncover sources for exciting and unique products, often featured on the menu at Pricci. In fact, his attention to Italian authenticity was rewarded in 2006 when the Accademia Italia della Cucina, an esteemed Italian Cultural Institution dedicated to preserving authentic Italian cuisine around the world, awarded the Recognition of Excellence Pricci. Pricci is the only restaurant in Atlanta with this designation.

Piero lives in Buckhead with his wife Kimberly and daughter Georgia Grace, born in January 2002. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, traveling to exotic places and tending his herb, flower and vegetable gardens.